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Were you back2back back then on bonus? If so I remember play alot with you ;p

- Posted by Eng

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let me clear it up for you..
if you're going to raid people and such, reciprocate. That's it in a nutshell

- Posted by Pat Garrett

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anyone remember Sur Blue he was a good player I don't see him anymore I believe he was obviously team blue

- Posted by Twisted Metal

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Shout out to team purple yall did really good yesterday on that raid on me.. Congrats

- Posted by Twisted Metal


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It seems "Satin" Kings is all about stolen valor. Very very small chance he's repping the "Amor de Rey" and, by the look of it, bought out a tank with a rusty and slapped his name on it. But that's none of my business *Sips tea*

- Posted by Kermit Sips Tea

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Planting mines and building bases is part of the game; if you don't like it... go play something else, or stay in the Practice map where the competition doesn't exist, and you can pretend you are obsolete in a world of NPC tanks.

- Posted by Vett


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If you wish to join a team;
Feel free to change your name to a Transformer, or start a new tank!!
Join the resistance today!

- Posted by Vett


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You people need to get a life........ Stop assuming you know everything you pathetic scum.. All you fuucs ever do is cry and complain, cry and complain, cry and complain.... Get a life already. Then maybe you will learn how not to be a big A ss baby!! Its a game let the shit go.. Coward A ss people still need mommy tit n shi. grow up

- Posted by i need a life