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I'm still not gonna make out with you weirdo...
Nice Try

- Posted by OSPF ROUTING

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Grats on the shiny, SOLITUDE!

- Posted by the Smuggler

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K O N V i C T,
We still get rusty, our stats dont RESET, they just get put into the overall group with everyone else, NO STATS RESET... the only thing that resets is the new yearly leaderboard. I dont understand why you think it resets.... All the hours i've played to this point still carry over to the overall leaderboard, yeah i wont be #1 anymore but who cares, I'll just have to get it again in the next year on a new tank... But ill still have -SHOCK- and all the points and stats i have....

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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K O N V i C T,
But thank you! I got 11 days yet to work on keeping #1 so its not in the bag yet!.. Will look forward to seeing you in the field! Lets keep the activity up!
........ON PURPLE!

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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Favorite tanks to PPH with:
Side Swipe

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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add shockt and ls swap it to team doosh

- Posted by Bobby Boo Shay