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Skeleton Key,
Claiming they the best looking doesn't mean I'm claiming i did it all on my own.... the hell is wrong is with you people? You guys that mad that I own a tank that has a sweet set? LMAO. Jesus, get off my sack😂. Still got love for you too bro. We always gonna be cool even if we have different opinions on what award sets are the best looking 👍. Also remember that i've won 8 specials so please don't preach to me about winning awards because i don't with you or anyone else.

- Posted by Captain Planet

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I quote:
“Peeps that sell/buy/trade/get gifted awards have no place to talk smack.”
Are you dumb, stupid or dumb?
Secondly, I never came after you. I could give a dang about you or your bought tanks. You put my pecker in your throat..
Ignorance is bliss, and hypocrisy is comical. Both of which you are. Try avoiding jumping off the edge of the earth this time.

- Posted by Plot Twist

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In times of unrest and disparity love trumps hate. It's up to us to choose the wolf that we feed. Do we choose love or hate? You decide.


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whatever shock. it's a respect obviously i wouldnt expect you to understand. volt is in the map 90% of the time i get to play. and you dont have a clue how much he intentionally ruins it for me.
and me with a vag? you and corpse teaming up with that dbag is as bush league as it gets. karma got you though...thanks for the gen kill.

- Posted by CKPA2020

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Globe daddy ownz plot noob all day long. But guess who has the best awards and #? BLUNTZy FACTZ im #1 overall and voltaic still 1k hrs behind me FACTZ keep it up yall never pass me not even nooble bae Stay salty my friends. Bluntz fan club tshirts still on sale place yo XXX- small size orders today

- Posted by Smokescreen

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ENDURANCE steals tanks that arnt his to make his scrub account worth more. FACTZ cuz he trying to save money to fix his teeth in real life

- Posted by Smokescreen

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🎼 LMFA🅾️ - Sexy and I Know It 🎶🥰😁

- Posted by ANGEL OF MERCY

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We need an Idea section :D

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL

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thats why you're a poosayy hiding behind an alter ego...

- Posted by Margarita

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lol... yall just mad Flowers win specials and you guys have to buy tanks or buy awards or buy tanks with the awards to make your "profiles" look half way as good as anyone on the flowers.

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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We may trade amongst ourselves in our team, but we don't go BUYING shit like you srubs

- Posted by -SHOCK-