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Beastin' it in real life right now. I do put a few hours during the night before I hit the sack. Welcome to the LB club bud. ;)

- Posted by Zzzax

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Careful, you might be called a QUITTER!!!!
Hit the map, get out the middle!
Im in tune as F, with these few lines of riddle.
Hitting nerves, with those quick teles,
Constant duels --- hands like jelly , they heavy..
Shoot em back -- hold your ground,
These tanks here -- go pound for pound.
Watch the elders --- and their slick tricks,
Planting mines --- all in your business.
And those homing shots --- they dont miss...
Box after box -- of those equiptments.

- Posted by ZIPPY

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If you think your in the 2019 top 10. I challenge you to rank to gen to see. If you need help please contact me on discord and ill be glad to help

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ