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Quit hiding behind phony names, you got something to say do it on your tank plz. Just like that being "Scimitar" yet he didnt do it on his tank ... lol

- Posted by Destiny

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Lol. The hate runs deep in this community.

- Posted by TimE ThieF

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It's funny how the people with the least amount of cups are the one saying that they don't matter LOL. They're still skills involved being a top PPHer in tournaments. The kills are the only thing that barely require any skills. Y'all fools need to stop crying like snowflakes.

- Posted by Globe Master

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KeepRunningYourMouth = SHOCK


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KeepRunningYourMouth isn't Scimitar. Don't let that newb make you think so.


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Wow, I guess I am popular. This is awesome. Haha

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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You're funny mentioning my name at all.
I've never seen someone so afraid to die or actually play a game in my life.
I've been finished with trash talking someone who obviously doesn't have the mental capacity to realize he's been playing the game wrong for more than a year.
lol move on you sad little man

- Posted by EPIC 7

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Ashrak is before my time. So in my unbiased opinion; That novel rant yesterday 100% proves that Scimitar is indeed Ashrak. Undeniable.......Lock it up.

- Posted by BendTheKnee


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Like I said before, wasn't really shunning you for running , was the fact after you was out of shields you quit out. Noone is on discord conspiring or playing together only reason why multi colors where on you was because you are a terrible player and everyone knew you would end up dying (unless you quit out). Quitting in a tournament is lame, if you cant stay alive you should just except the fate of death. I don't cheat in tournaments no need to

- Posted by Destiny