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The Champ is here,
Your a scrub... So pathetic you have nothing better to do then come in just to attack me, which is still just whatever but to wait till i'm low in raids and long move me dude, The Chump is more like it... must really envy me or something kid

- Posted by Incognito

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Congrats Globe Master, becoming the most decorated player of the year!

- Posted by SOLITUDE

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Why do you care so much about SCIMITAR THRUST if it isn't you? Further, I have never seen you on at the same time as that tank, so how would you know he is a troll...?
People in this community go to great lengths to defend their play style rather than focusing on getting better at the game.

- Posted by F-R-A-C-T-I-O-N

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how come i cant plant mines in the water? the navy seals do it all da time. this is a lightbulbs idea.

- Posted by Captain Insano


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Yes. I do believe that is what I was implying....

- Posted by BendTheKnee