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Test, Ghay Boy, Sir Rosco, Whoever else you go by, Son of Queen, which ever ghay name you choose, leave my name outta your mouth....


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Lol. I hope it isn't him. Then my money wasn't spent well LOL

- Posted by Zzzax

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alden i guess u dont wanna see a new player base. you like the idea of rushing to the top with a player base of 10 ppl dont you? i for one would enjoy this game much more if there were actual big battles rather than 10 ppl pphing and killing bots, or teams of 4-6 ppl when i used to battle with teams of 8-10 vs 2/3 other teams w the same amount, some battles lasting 12+ hrs. taking raids of 10 15 20 people. seeing cols and gens in tourneys. rahter than 1 or 2(max) majors if were lucky.

- Posted by US Space Force

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We're too slow to catch were saying?
get pooped on bad kid

- Posted by Pat Garrett

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Nice to see old faces back in the game! the pit is a great map for activity , BLUNTZ for daily map rotation ! i do have over 2000 hrs in this game . if i had 1 tank Id be #1 F A C T S

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ

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Warrior, you still have my number? Can't seem to find any way of contact with you but try and get in touch, would be good to catch up.

- Posted by weekend nachos


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R E C K A N i Z E,
when someone interesting tries to kill me then you will see on me also the Heroic honor medal, the batty already I have it. I am your Queen, respect my authority and kneel when you talk to me, little doll!

- Posted by Sir Rosco