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I am glad this game is still around. I used to play during the battlefield days on bonus
The best players at the time was Krusty and Mommy
I been impressed by Sir Rocco, Jessie James and Butch Cassidy
Sir Rocco you are probably the toughest person to go down during a raid, I wish I could take a raid as well as you.
I think Tron is the best map. Second would be Roxks and Swamp.
See you all in the pit. Let’s go Purple!

- Posted by Hitmann2002

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What’s the best advice someone can give when taking a raid?

- Posted by Hitmann2002

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Why are you always staying at sergeant?

- Posted by Hitmann2002

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Elfego Baca,
guess u aint tryina be secret no more

- Posted by apeX-

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not tryin to beef wit ya, homie. i have nothing against u, used u as an example since u got lotta hatas. i respect ppl that play how they want but also dont talk trash to others for how dey play. unlike dis clown zzzax/globe mommy/elfag-o wants to act like he is gud when he gots no respekt

- Posted by apeX-


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Pat and Jessie, you guys are straight trash. I take your raids daily and fight till I'm out of equipment and die. Where's the reciprocity? It's embarrassing watching the two of you run your tails off when the tables are turned. Grow a pair and try to get better, or give it up, children.

- Posted by TIGER LILY


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Sun Tzu,
Anytime! How many more shots until deactivation?

- Posted by Hitmann2002

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Make an idolize -- tank JOin the PURPLE FORCE !

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ

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I want to make an apology..
I am sorry for some of the red players who actually deserve me to take, Tiger Lilly, Blazing Star, Attila there is more but I know exactly who at this time.. But because of people like BLEEDING HEART & And Sir Runs alot I will not take if they are part of your crew ... They want to run so will I... Just yesterday Rosco ran and quit and then got on discord and said he would quit everytime against us.. So back at acha :)

- Posted by Jesse James