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That is Racist! Extra fortune cookies are 25 cents each! Bags are 10 cents each. Delivery is 2 dolla fifty
I'll let my new employee One Hit Greaser, do the delivery in his BMW that he will be in lifelong debt with and ultimtely pay 2-3 times of the original price due to the interest rate payments. Such a form of compensation for being such a pathetic loser with loser legacy kids

- Posted by JimChen

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Great job reds (Art of War) team and the purples (smokescreen and skeleton key). i have a great deal of respect to you players. thanks to the oranges for stepping in to offer aid to me getting blasted lol.
That was honestly probably one of my longest raids i've lasted... i was actually proud of myself ahahah. i don't take raids well but i try.
anyways, thanks for the thrill and adrenaline rush guys. God bless and see you on the field.

- Posted by ArChAnGeL