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That's totally fine. Radaring fuel for your teammate who is taking is the one no-no. To avoid making it look like you are radaring fuel, always jump after your teammate jumps and there is no reason you should be ahead of your teammate on the raid path.
Otherwise, fk em up. Snag a cheeky kill if you can.

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ArChAnGeL, that's kind of a gray area. Some people will say never interfere with the raid and others will say it's fine/they're not gonna just sit around.
I personally take it case-by-case. If it looks like the raiders barely have enough to even get a kill, I'll usually just stay out of their way (unless they're bullies who never take raids themselves OR my color is also trying to raid someone).
But if it's a massive mob that's owning the map, I have no problem shooting them.

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sure shoot whoever you want archangel. its how i get most ofmy kills :)

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