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Phart you ever accidently shart?

- Posted by Shart

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My point exactly. Toad will continue to posture as if he is a good guy and cares about people but then he will buy Frinzee's tank out of desperation (after insulting Bluntz for having bought the tank first) and hide from letting anyone buy the tank back
If he was an actual good person (which he isn't, that's why he compensates so obviously), he would actually do something to help and individual out. But instead he wants to call people "bigots" and cry about who is in discord

- Posted by JamesChen

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What is really sad, and obviously retarded is that Gensick doesn't do anything to actual active players and users around
Think about how many people left in the past few months?
Can you really justify your actions when guys like Archangel Ramiel, pack, amongst other legendary users leave?
Definition of missing the forest for the trees.
Ps. dude doesn't even play the game

- Posted by GenSick Libtard

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Have you ever while you were sick?

- Posted by Phart

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Yes, but it was messy. Don't trust those.

- Posted by Phart


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horsepower you're straight garbage.
chasing someone who is clearly filling and then crying when they don't let you fill. Get over yourself.

- Posted by Jack Dragna


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congrats vitality. pretty dope cup concept. way to see it through.

- Posted by CKPA2020