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Globe Master,
Rest assured, I am not SCIMITAR THRUST. The last time I actually played this game was sometime last year when someone deactivated me. I dont have hardly any time to play this game as Im actually working the vast majority of the time

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Tis not true,
You be grasping at straws :)
I am CID I do have another account though. And I never said I was a noob. I just don't know everything about this game yet. Most of the fun is building friendships with people on this game and knowing you can count on them to pph with you or go on a raid with them. Glad to have come back may this game LIVE forever.

- Posted by CID

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Seems a ton of people on here only come out for tournaments which is good and bad. Last 2 tournaments I saw 19 people on. Is there specific times people have big raids in regular play?

- Posted by CID

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lol.. this board is ridiculous, ASHRAK and WHISTLEBLOEWR are the same person just trolling a bulletin board, not even the game, but a BULLETIN BOARD... lol idk whats worse, that silly shiz or scimitard trollin bs in the game... Idiots of the world unite i guess....

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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Rusty Sword Party tonight 9 pm est.. All welcome

- Posted by Destiny


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Good match! Finally on point from start to finish. Ended with the crown and now I sit on this throne until the next one. Probably won't make the next one because that time weak AF but maybe I'll make some magic happen.... Anyhow, I'll just relish the fame as long as it last. Stay fly players!

- Posted by Earth Angel

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I'm still figuring people out are you ThunderStruck?
I haven't even seen you in regular play. Why you hiding behind a ghost tank? Don't worry about my gameplay I'm getting better all the time. You're right about me not having much experience in tourny's but please understand I will never be giving free kills in tourny's. People get ganked and killed get over it. I play the game fair. You should appreciate that.

- Posted by CID