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Lol, I think it's funny how majors and generals are swarming an LT. I'm only a lieutenant... how well am I expected to perform against those odds? It's obvious that the generals attacking me were on the top 25 list, meaning they never take a beating from swarms of another color. They seem like runners and unfair players if you ask me. These generals and high ranks were blue. It's annoying to be killed by a rank who gets no use out of killing me. Just seems like they are bullying or can't handle the 5v1's against themselves, especially of equal rank. I won't name drop but it's really sad.
- Posted by WoLvErInE
Dont bother even fighting this loser Wolverine. He q's low and trolls new players into the ground. You dont have to prove anything to who am i, Fluke, error, deserto rosso and ATTENTION. This loser only exists to ruin the game for people like you. Just be careful tho, hes so pathetic he will actually chase you at Corp.

- Posted by GuRn DoG

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Nice double move eggplant.. next time make sure someone cant see you on extended screen while you use it...

- Posted by Old Blue

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RECONNAISSANCE, getcha has tried to cheat in EVERY tournament he has entered so far. I do not understand how he can't get the points to place. I know in bf he speed hacked and took free kills. I guess on a level playing field it really shows how bad he is.
- Posted by Krusty_The_Clown
You are freaking hilarious Krusty.. Getchya was one of the last players to have speed hack on bf. You losers had it for years as he played on-site! He kicks your ass considering your a cheater like the rest.. play on site losers..

- Posted by Old Blue

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You guys hated getchya on bf and here too. Y - because he kicks your ass!

- Posted by Old Blue

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My left nut plays better then your dog!!!

- Posted by - Gold -

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lol @ getchya for posting from other accounts. Sad. Mad paranoid too, no ones playing off site, i think you might just be that bad. Sorry to say.



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the xXx_DeViLxXx's might be coming to tankpit, y'all better watch out

- Posted by guest987