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Did anyone use to play battlefield on bonus during the time of Krusty The Clown (purple) and Mommy (blue)
Those two were legends - fact

- Posted by Hitmann2002

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i see my name is being mentioned once more with the shitty gossiping from some new retarted pigion that cant change the situation so he shows how pathetic he is with complaints to players that play the way they want to not like the u and the rest of the fagot colors that wish others would play depending on how they squeal on the board..seriously if you think that will ever change something just tell that to your mommy..thats the only bicth that ever would care about it after all

- Posted by F2bBacK

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Kermit Sips Tea,
what a weak dis about my tank name. Honestly, look whose talking, Kermit Sips tea?!?! lmao. Look you soft a$$ marshmallow go back under that rock where you came from and stay there.

- Posted by Zzzax


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Jesse James,
Cheating is accepting a free kill from Bluntz FACT quit denying it. Sad that you got a free kill and still didn't get gold smh. Go on and get your teammates to pat you on the back...end of the day YOU cheated for a cup you didn't deserve.

- Posted by i spy