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Welcome back expe :)

- Posted by silentsnake1124

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"God doesn't make orange juice, God makes oranges."

- Posted by C Ya Later

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I AM LEGEND - highly sus who would never take raids, has no job but would act like his boss watching him to avoid taking raids even though he is a unemployed. One Hit Wonder 2.0?

- Posted by loser

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I tried posting earlier but I don't think it went though. I used to live on this game back in the late 90's. I played as ArchAngel. Are there any old timers still messing around on here?

- Posted by ArchAngel Returns


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fish 1
It's called shooting mines that aren't the same color as your tank 😂

- Posted by Trypticon

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Warm Beer,
Check out this section, thats all you are! Big NEWB!... Trash player!

- Posted by Tenacious Turtle