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Dont give us these lame excuses. You are being raided. Dont go out there teleporting half the map. This is highly frown upon. No wonder why whenever you come on the map you become an instant target. I understand you are bad at taking raids but you can learn from trying to do it properly. Dying in this game is not the end of the world. Maybe someday you will be somewhat good at this game. Who knows. Dont be like 4th armored who is already a running joke to anyone using his name.

- Posted by Flop

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**James Chen
I Downloaded Discord And Entered The https: address You Sent Me But I Can't Seem To Get In And Chat. Maybe I'm Doing Something Wrong. Anyway...... See You On The Field! The Taliban Is Still Alive!!!!!

- Posted by Osama Bin Laden


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one hit wonder its in this section because you are a newbie... its a wonder why nobody likes you

- Posted by A Small Child

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PRO are absolute garbage, if you have time to raid people and talk trash but dont have time to get raided then stick to playing solitaire.

- Posted by Sideswipe