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I Don't Know What You Mean By Robinhood. The Only Robinhood I Know Is The Guy In the Green Outfit Who Shoots
Bow And Arrows 🏹

- Posted by Osama Bin Laden

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The keys to maintaining a strong friendship are:

1. Trust
2. Care
3. Respect
4. Loyalty

These are just a few characteristics that makes Voltaic's friendship so strong.
Many of you lack these traits which is why you are salty and lame that we own this game in 2020 and forever. Keep practicing losers, you are really bad and salty

- Posted by VoltIsNiceNMyFriend

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Smokescreen has to get carried in a 2v1
holy smokes thats sad
dont spam that much if youre worse than every number below you

- Posted by EPIC 7

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Bluntz. I'll give you 14% of a big Congratulations on finally getting that #1 spot! You deserve 14% of that #1 in all its glory!
You are everyones Daddy!
PS..Noodle ownz you in every aspect except 'hours played'. FACTZ

- Posted by CKPA2020


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Shark your orange with a heroic honor medal why do you run and quit out when getting raided yet you want to raid when oranges have numbers pathetic! dont ever try and raid me again nooob

- Posted by Smokescreen

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David0LT same with you why do you quit when getting raided? Yet you wanna raid when oranges have numbers. Yall pathetic just remember what goes around comes around FACTZ stay salty my friends Sincerely your # 1 overall

- Posted by Smokescreen

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4th Armored Division why do you also quit in raids yet when oranges have numbers u want to raid? Very sad start to a new day for oranges . Ling Ling get yo crew together.! i got no respect for oranges now!

- Posted by Smokescreen