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You are clearly off the meds and reverting back to your usual self. You try to by-pass bans/warnings to let out some of your rage. The name really doesn't bother me at all. I don't let the game bother me like it does to you. I never let anything in the game affect how I moderate the DC, you just broke a lot of rules. And who do you msg to help you when you need images removed? Oh right, that's me. You can come back if you show good behavior. :)

- Posted by Corpse Reviver

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It is a shame that someone that has invested so much time and effort into this game over the years would single-handedly try to ruin it. #FACTS #MysterySolved #JustRetire

- Posted by VOLTAICisGLOBE

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1. Voltaic


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::::Smokescreen:::::Dedicating your life to pass Shock and Noodle? Losing battle bud.
You get deactivated by noobs like Chen then rank yourself back like a pleb because you can't do it on your own. All that time and you can't still can't win. U r a joke

- Posted by RunSmokeRunPoosy

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Let's call a truce and have some chill battles. I am back to Colonel per you request :)

- Posted by JamesChen


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Sorry bud, i don't really have like 50 tanks i can self deactivate myself to a higher ranking. I am not playing for points, I am playing for keeps
Feel free to give me a free tank to move up to general and I will gladly point with you
otherwise good luck cheating. Deactivated 3x badly. way to team up on sergeants.

- Posted by JamesChen

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MamaXiangQi is JamesChen Stop fronting scrub and keep quitting raids

- Posted by MAMMAQiisJAMESchen


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Well that sucks. 4 minute fill, lieutenant at 12 minutes, and then I had to exit! Congrats to whoever wins this tournament, I was cooking when I left. 70 armours, 60 duals, full missiles, and 40 extras.. I was set to have a decent tournament!

- Posted by red-1