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i spy,
Get off my home boys nutz. Tainted because someone wanted to give a free kill even though it wasn't asked for? You might as well talk shit about everyone then you sore loser. First place got a free kill and I don't see you on lvd ball sack about it. Yeah, go hide behind a secret tank chump.

- Posted by Elfego Baca

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Light Child;
That explains a lot

- Posted by Pat Garrett

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F2bBack keep laying mines all over the map. That's about all you good for. And Vett, your skill just about matches his. Good job guys. They should implement a mentally challenged map for you two. You can chase eachother around the map and plant mines all day.

- Posted by Genesis

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I think a lot of you peeps need me in your life 😘

- Posted by Rx 420


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I'm sure Skullcruncher is just another player just hiding behind blue mines.

- Posted by Kermit Sips Tea


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Chasing a die down is not turning a kill away.... So when you fools do that, remember THAT it's a free kill before you start casting stones at a fellow community member that plays fair while you are in a glass house. No one likes a sore loser. Keep it trill 😎

- Posted by President McCool

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I didn't cheat on my cup.. Nor have I ever cheated in a tournament. It took me 22 trys and you wanna hide behind a fake tank... Its funny how the person who got gold took a FK from a person literally trolling my tank trying to make me lose... (And cost me the gold cup). But thats okay right ;) Keep on hatin'

- Posted by Jesse James

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Strip Jesse's tainted cup. He's a cheater FACT

- Posted by nice tainted cup