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- Posted by TULIP

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The Rancor,
Just admit that you got lucky. Its you that is a small fish in a pond full of much larger fish. Your death brings no trophy, nor does it hold any substance. Impudent little fool, know your place!

- Posted by Beta Centauri

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nice raids tonigth its been a while since i seen activity round this game

- Posted by F2bBacK

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The deed is done.

- Posted by the Strategist

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TT TT TT, is it really necessary to cheat your way into a base by using another account? Even worse, you then use that tank as a free kill?
Losers like you make this game less than it could be.

- Posted by Snoop

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When are we going to get some new maps?
Desert, that one map of the USA etc etc.

- Posted by Goku

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nice hacking coming from the red side

- Posted by F2bBacK


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New comers come join TP Discord chat

- Posted by Discord