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sad life lmao. You're talking the guy who uses his American name (James) as his tank name and the only player to do an interview for Tankpit? Don't forget the 100% real pic of me. If anything, you know too much about me.

I single handedly brought back Oranges to the top. Don't talk to me until you beat my 38% cup rate I've had since September. I'll stay making over $100K, stay banging fly asian chick's on the regular, and stay cupping while you live in filth you low life parasite

- Posted by JamesChen

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itscake Maybe wearing those masks all day for 2 years for a virus that kills literally nobody has caused a bit of oxygen deficiency in your brain and you can't think straight.

That being said, you guys needs to stop being so bitter and serious. Guy literally has a breakdown because he kills my captain then rage quits when he accidentally kills my general.

Worry about the transgender take over and rigged elections instead of me owning you in this 2D 90s java game as the GOAT

- Posted by JamesChen