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Get your booty on discord. The server info can be found in the archived news section on the tp website. I have mad respect for your efforts and would like to have a chat with you.

- Posted by BLAZING STAR

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Sir Rosco, Yes Sir Goofy A$$ Roscoe, I know your name. Look at you blaming it on a phone call.... rolling around for screens looking for fuel then bailing out when you were out of shields.. Then trying to sneak back in 15 min later to a raft you had waiting for you by water. Then got mad because Frinzee was on it. Bahahahahaha. The way you been runnin marathons lately I'd be surprised if you don't have a Olympic medal. Change your name to Sir 1956. I've worked up an appetite, go make me a pizza

- Posted by Doc Holliday

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Welcome back and congrats on the LB award.

- Posted by Globe Daddy


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We have the number 1 O_O but we haven't a team...but we have the respect of other teams. Not for piety just for our Honor to survive and never give up against purple and orange, this is enough for me

- Posted by WinnieThePoo