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Thanks for helping me get a serg twice now, I misunderstood your comms and I apologize, you're legit <3

- Posted by itscake

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ShalltearBloodfallen purp88 xcyphr3ss
Hey guys, good job on the raid tonight. I could not get away from yall. I play on a mobile phone, makes it a little difficult at times. Congrats on getting back to General Xcyphr3ss. See yall on the field.

- Posted by - 17 -

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Rambunctious Raccoon,
List of lies & inaccuracies in your post:
1. It's obvious you are rationalizing here
2. Most of us dislike gensick and would be happy if he left the community
3. He doesn't play and his presumptuous attitude is offputting
4. He has no place here and most of us agree
5. Chen is a unique character mostly harasses non players and noobs
Bah nevermind EVERYTHING you just said was bull5hit. Probably Chenny Chen Chen making a lame attempt at defending himself lmao. Croak!

- Posted by toad

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Weekend Battles Gents, let's get it. Take raids, give raids

- Posted by Uyghur Killer

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Whatever happened to that Mortal Kombat team lmao. Losers

- Posted by Dr Anthony Fauci

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Everyone complaing about the discord is already in another discord. Y'all crying because most of us don't want to be in your discord nor do we want you in ours. Get a life rice dck.

- Posted by Myth