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Ember ,
that tourney was 1vX for everyone else. I did feel robbed it happens. Sometimes people just die. I was Boondock Saints the guy died being cocky with shields 2 screens left of the mob in Africa literally Africa on the orbital map. I saw the kill last night was me, Valkyrie and kwrt he ported in low shot twice and just died didn’t turn on his shields looked more like I give up or accident was 1v3 tho not 1v1 Good pph costs map awareness people die regularly. Sad but true.

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Ember ,
I think my last 4 or 5 4th places before last night were all top pph 120k+ pts. Things aren’t always what they seem wouldn’t be quick to call something an FK unless I witnessed it or it’s a repeat guy dying for his 5th or 50th time(we have some) 13man with 1 death back to back tourneys 13man with 3 deaths the 2 prior 8 man 4 deaths last week. last night wasn’t bad in comparison. Def weak players to watch 4. Congrats on cup and welcome to the party lol

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Try again stupid
Stop believing the hype I'm one of the best tourny players out there...
Plain and simple and nobody can dispute the claim, nobody.
I love when newcomers try to finger point at people that are way beyond their scope...
Don't sit here crying about tourny etiquette when its obvious that you set up a pph partner idiot
....better luck next time HAHAHA

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Suppressive Fire
Perhaps your next tournament tank name should be "The Raging Flamer' since you're going on this fire theme.. and, well, the personality just fits!

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