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- Posted by Ashrak2002

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whistleblower- noone cares. this is the generation that was told the gov is watching everything we do and noone batted an eye. im not saying this to be mean. im saying this because you seem to lack the understanding. but seriously noone cares. see ya on the field my dude.

- Posted by Ownzord

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Hiya CID,
Umm, that was whack! Congrats on the rank of general...
I cant but help laugh at my incompetence... Wasnt paying enough attention to such a worthy opponent! That is what I get for playing at work I guess
see you on the field

- Posted by N I M R O D

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@Ady long time no see brother !

- Posted by Darth Vader


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I totally feel the same way about this game. Cheers mate

- Posted by CID


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Cant catch me, blah blah blah. Keep chasing dooshes, I'll drag you around the map 3x.

- Posted by DrinkHOOCHDriveFAST

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You claimed to be the best in tp not too long ago but yet you're afraid to take a death in tournaments..... what's up with that?

- Posted by Blehsjgufusosayuyrnm

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Cawck gobbler.

- Posted by CID

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Makes sense thanks for clearing that up!

- Posted by 404

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Bobby Dooshbag
Cant catch you? Drag us around the map?
lol you were getting rocked and you left... you are right cant catch somebody who quits out .. you are trash

- Posted by Destiny