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Thank you ButtercupBUTTERCUP . Dont know what else to call you. Hope youre okay with buttercup. Im not trying to offend.

- Posted by Royal Highness

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Welcome to Tank Pit, a friendly 2D turn base game with a twist of strategy involving both team work and tactics.


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Homer J Simpson
Tagggg you're it!

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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I played this game when it was called Battlefield. Does anyone remember Appaloosia? that was the map I used to play. I cant remember how many years ago it has been.

- Posted by Bridgewater


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Confused new member,
No need to fake being a new player lol. PS, some of the greatest players to grace this game didn't have a cup on their tanks: thasgottahurt, insertbob, Snearboy... List goes on.

- Posted by xPOOP - x

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Battery Steele, Thebrit is one of the biggest noobs seen in this game. Although his advice this time wasn't bad. Be careful what you listen to in the future from him

- Posted by dont listen to brit

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I wonder if there is a way to get my old tank back from when it was battlefield. I had some stars and a silver tank award. Not much but hey i earned them,.

- Posted by Bridgewater


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Ricky Bobby
Shake n' bake!

- Posted by Cal Naughton


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Dear New Player,
Welcome! Please do not be Confused. We are here to play for Fun! Unfortunately I have been unable to cup this tank yet, and that's okay. Managed to place Top 10 today ^_^
We all have areas to Improve upon, including myself! 100%! Never give up. Persevere. YOU can do it too!
If you would like, there are many Kind Members in this community on Discord. Any one of us would be happy to discuss game play.
Kind Regards

- Posted by I AM LEGEND

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Gold Cup, Silver Cup, maybe now I may Earn* a BRONZE CUP?! Heard they are the best!!

- Posted by PRO SELF