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Thanks, bud. I enjoying battling and get points with you too. Wish you were on discord so we can chat but it's all good if you prefer it that way. Good job on the climb to the top 25. I'll be working on my second tank since my Globe tank isn't in danger of getting passed anytime soon. -Shock- might make a comeback for that #1 which is fine because the competition is welcomed but i know he will be working on his second tank like me. Anyhow, see you on the field bro.

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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Calm down bud. Winning cups takes time. Luck can play a huge role but having the consistency to win them on a regular takes skills for sure. No known speed hacking program available. Some people ping below 30 and have top-notch gaming comps which give them a little edge on other players. How many tournaments have you played? Took me about 3 months to win a cup after my first since coming back so don't be so hard on yourself.

- Posted by President McCool


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Newb, you sound like a jealous troll, or a teenage kid, either way... calm down nobody has speed hack and who the hell cares if people create tanks to play in tournaments 95% of people do that once they have cupped all of their tanks they play quit hitting your head on the school bus window, it will be okay wear a helmet, be safe and quit your jealous cries

- Posted by the Technician


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discordapp com/invite/eaFefUR
Join everyone on discord bud.

- Posted by mark