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Plot Twist,
Veterans class? that something you make up? like the god (troll) squad on discord? LMAO pretty h0mo dude. If you talking about a rusty sword then i'll tell you that you respect plenty of people that don't have it and you don't look down on them because they didnt spend 500hrs on one tank. Honestly sound stupid af talking about a imaginary "veterans" class you want me to be in. Me > You, all day, everyday.

- Posted by ANGEL OF MERCY

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Plot twist,
Wasnt that DoT on your tank gifted? 🤣

- Posted by ANGEL OF MERCY

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Skeleton Key,
You traded for your PH....🤣. Im mean #4 in your books is fine. I'm higher for others but it's all based on one's own preference. I do like Godfather a bit more than mines unfortunately sw won't strip the gold cup so I'm stuck with my set. I might actually like bronze cup more than both silver and gold cup. Would also be one of a kind.

- Posted by ANGEL OF MERCY


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I'm really stoked to see this game is still around. I used to play this game back when i was a kid on library computers. Out of curiosity how many players are currently playing this game?

- Posted by Inferno