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Will Corpse Reviver ever take a raid?
Also, Epic 7 hack/cheats. He gets multiple moves at a time on a screen. Very unfair!


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Hey EPIC7.
Thanks for the help the other day. You saved my butt and helped me get a promotion kill. Then later when you killed a bot that I had been pursuing, you actually said "my bad". I've never actually seen someone show that camaraderie. You've earned a lot of respect in a short amount of time. Just felt you needed a shout out and a thanks!

- Posted by Oophaga pumilio

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Hello All,
I am new to blues here from purple because I noticed how every blue is a parasite to the TP community. Help me learn how to join the game only to do raids, and not take raids unless I have someone radaring for me like Devastator who thinks having a rusty makes him good LOL.
Also help me learn how to sandbag and be a parasite POS like Yukon Corn who only plays to shoot bots or higher ranks as a Lut/Cap. Really excited to be part of this all star squad of trash


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At least Voltaic is a General when he plays for points and doesn't have some milquetoast excuse about taking raids as a frking Captain all the time. Yukon, you are just really bad!
Anyways I am just here to join in on raids and otherwise be inactive like all blues. The exceptions are obviously Hustle Tank, Special, Scourge, Smokescreen, Islam Brings Peace, and Sideswipe. These guys play with nobility and love of the game


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Playing This Game On Mobile Is D@mn Near Impossible. I Would Have Had *** Star By Now If I Had a 💻 Computer. Great players Of This Game Put My Experience In the Noob Category... Oh Well Suck My BaIIs

- Posted by Osama Bin Laden