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Making a post because its been quiet lately

- Posted by Jack Dragna

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@toad Yo bro been trying to hit you up on discord about MY tank that is currently in your hands. I see you are enjoying my hard work that BLUNTZ let go of for some Profit....But may it be id like my tank back Lets talk dont be a chump like BLUNTZ.. The one an Only - Frinzee -

- Posted by Gotcha

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Did you ever in a crowed room?

- Posted by Phart

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I have, and will again!

- Posted by Phart

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Imagine being Ultra Magnus .

So lonely that you randomly join tankpit discord server.
Never play TP but want to dictate how a community behaves.

Sucks so bad but wants to claim number 1 so you spend thousands on tanks you could never achieve.
Have daddy issues which leads to deviant behavior w/ men
Call yourself "gensick's pet".

Quit when gensick quits TPHQ because you no longer can feed your controlling ego and have a psycho mental breakdown

- Posted by Uyghur Killer