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You have the emotional capacity of a 3 year old. You get mad at anyone and everyone and resort to petty, racial insults, and even stalk people for personal info. You ask for it by leaving on your own, coming back to throw jabs, then leave again. Doing you a favor.
See you on the field.

- Posted by Corpse Reviver

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Happens to the best of us. Iv died a few times while playing with hot keys thinking they saved after i changed them up and they didnt. Died in a tourney like that too.

- Posted by ToxiC ReVolveR

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I quite literally watched you come in the map as a captain, after 123 came in as a lieutenant, spam each other as though you had been "fighting" while you teleport straight to him and he died instantly. You would probably have a point if I hadn't been playing for more than an hour prior to that. "I've killed 3 generals" and "I've never taken a free kill" doesn't apply here. You were caught in the act, give it up dude. You're a "major" hypocrite and it's sad cause you're old.

- Posted by Amaretto Sour

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Epic 7,
Getting banned off the discord server is more reason for you to join the Orange team.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Everyone is so tough and righteous until a Sergeant JamesChen comes into the game!

- Posted by JamesChen

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Hey Chen
It'd be great if you'd stop playing like an _______! Doing laps to lag other players in raids that a kill won't benefit you is just annoying. Until you learn and practice some etiquette stop proclaiming all of these delusions of grandeur...

- Posted by EPIC 7

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CrAzy: good job today! you have some mad skills!

- Posted by JamesChen


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happens to me too, where I hit it, but it lags to turn on so I hit it again and it disables it.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Yep, with multi color teaming and chat its a waste of time for an "unconnected" player to participate.
So you can get "connected" and kiss azz, or just not play them anymore. And the same people will cup over and over and over and over again...and anybody that kisses their azz.

- Posted by TourneyNvrAgn