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@dryicezDrYiCeZ I remember u from rox days. I was hurley. Welcome back

- Posted by Devastator

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DrYiCeZ ,
I would rather have one quality tank rather then 50 half-assed one year tanks.

- Posted by ENDURANCE


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DrYiCeZ , to be fair, MOST of us play legit even though we're on discord. It's just an easier way of chatting vs waiting a day for the bulletin board to post your message. Most will make new tank names each time so our buddies/teammates don't know who we are so there's no preference when it comes to PPH'ing. Other players will use new tanks to sneak fk's to their buddies to help them cup. It's a double edged sword. You start picking up who the cheaters/ are vs the seasoned honorable players.

- Posted by supernova sage