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Congrats on number 1 and also deactivating me today!
Fun times.
Seems to me the yellow have the least amount of players but have the most skilled ones.
You are added to my favourite list of players among:
Sir Rocco, Jesse James

- Posted by Hitmann2002

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Okay pj let’s talk about that one

- Posted by Nemesis Prime

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There were like 15 maybe 20 legends in bf, none of those people exist on tp. There are no legends in tp as far as i'm concerned, maybe 1 legend from bf plays tp and that's not you. What's a newer low though is you q-ed out when them boys was on you, lmao, don't talk, don't even respond. You can't lmao, you're far from a legend more like trasssh

- Posted by the sandman

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Who is the legend of the game?

- Posted by Sir Rosco


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Dear all:
This is Lightchild. I was known as unKnown (for those of you who remember me almost 2 decades ago.
Please enter Practice and fight me as private vs private. I love tanks with the rank of privates.

- Posted by LightChild


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I'm sure Kermit Sips Tea is an otherworldly player which is why he's hiding behind an anonymous name.

- Posted by Skullcruncher