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You've been doing a pretty fair job with the game so I wouldn't worry to much about it
Other that a name change I'd say you were just fine

- Posted by EPIC 7

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I called it months ago and I will call it again
China rising.... Orange rising....

- Posted by JamesChen

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Hey Osama we understand you man that you dont have a computer and that you still play the game on your phone. But still you play on your phone as you dont have a computer...

- Posted by spy tank


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Finally there is justice fairness in this world. If anyone deserved a ban, it was One Hit Wonder who was spewing hateful and racist rhetoric towards the latino population at an especially sensitive time when the president has been demonizing them by not letting them enter the country illegally with 6 kids and no money.

Hopefully he will learn his lesson this time. Sit in the corner 1 hit and don't play with any of your toys! No dessert tonight. Grown up spoiled kid with no job

- Posted by notcrusher