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"I know this discord named Tankpit HQ and is linked on the TP site, but this is MY discord and I don't want to change anything to promote the game in it because I don't play myself" - Generalsick

Unironically, Tankpit v.2 is what TPHQ should have been, most members actually play the game which means the chat is based on the actual game. Coffee actually plays TP and does a great job as a mod to achieve this
Should only join if you like playing Tankpit.

- Posted by JiminyChen

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The activity of tourneys in 2017 and before (30+ players), would still be possible if it wasn't for Adam's and Gensick's poor management of the discord. Turned the server into a clubhouse little to no relation to the actual game
Unironically agree with ArchangeL UrieL .
The Discord is full of degenerate non-players, which is why I found no reason to change my behavior. it is full of petty arguments and politics.
Fortunately, there's a few servers where we actually talk about TP..

- Posted by JamesChen

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.. servers I respect and use it for the purpose of TP, not the abomination that TPHQ is.
The negativity is only useful when it encourages rivalries and more battles through controversy.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Tanks for playing
Can't wait till your loser ass get's banned.

- Posted by Crypto Prophet