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EPIC 4 , don't pay that scrub no mind, or give him the satisfaction of being the reason you quit. horsepower AKA "one hit wonder" is actual human garbage. nobody here likes him, he acts like he's a "veteran" but never takes raids and has never cupped. we don't know why he hangs around playing this game, neglecting his children, wife and various other adult responsibilities. I guess there is a cockroach in every corner of this crazy world...

- Posted by BORABORAneverhappend

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Don't fret lad, there are only a handful of players worse than Horsepower aka One Hit Wonder. You have always been a champion of nothing but class on the field, and this is the vision of the prophets. Happy gaming friend.
PS. Dont let that scumbag OHW near ur tank, hes a thief. Black balled and banned from every form of the community.

- Posted by Homer J Simpson


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113k in points. I was sergeant before anyone else started ranking. Gotta love those sub-6 minute fill times. =D

- Posted by BlueGhost