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Is the @Admin even around? 2014 back online and the game has seen like no major updates?
In the real world MMO's receive like patches and stuff to keep the player base entertained. It's no wonder there are only like 4 people still playing this game.
I'd argue that the beauty of this game IS it's simplicity but this click tele shoot stuff isn't enough to engage new players. It's clear that it's nostalgia factor is enough to maybe bring a former player back for a bit but not seriously.

- Posted by DrJekyll

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I see there has been a bunch of added stats logged in the manage tanks tab which I love, but really this doesn't do anything to make this game sporty spice.
I had suggested more tank customization a long time ago.
It was something along the lines of adding "perks" to your tank in tier levels.
Something like
Tier 1 Perks
"Water baby"
Additional fuel picked up while on water
"Map Fiend"
Decreased fuel cost of tele x amount
Tier 2 perks
"Last Chance"

- Posted by DrJekyll

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Once per x rounds Homing missiles can't deactivate you
Tier 3 Perks
"Healthius Maximus"
Increased Fuel tanks
"Fifty Shades Of Fuel"
Hide Shading on health bar
"Ammo Storage"
Decreased Extra radar capacity for more duals

- Posted by DrJekyll

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Some should be meant to be targeted by noobs to maybe keep them in game and put some hours in, others could be targeted towards people who wanna take raids. Could even be some RNG ones like additional mines planted randomly?
They could be changed in the manage tanks tab?
They could be permanent with the tank so it feels like a bigger decision.
Maybe both?
Probs shouldn't be effective in tournies or maybe go back to sporty spice it up. Get some variety in this piece.

- Posted by DrJekyll

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@Royal Highness,
TankPit started in 2012, nearly 10 years ago (as you can see on the leaderboards). Not sure why they were saying 2014..

- Posted by BUTTERCUP

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Tried to enter the discord lol. I must be doing it wrong. Mosnar450#9750 if anyone wants to shoot me a invite! I been thinking about playing around again. Looks like the game is still active!

- Posted by Mosnar

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Testing 123Globe da Legend

- Posted by Globe Master

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noodle I’m coming for you..

- Posted by Drederick Tatum


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I might be the worst player in the total population of tankpit.
I was an Iceland player back in the day so I definitely didn't get any experience taking raids. Trying to get better though. Let me know if you have any tips for me. I know that playing on 2015 macbook trackpad is not helping.

- Posted by Battery Steele