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Thank you so much Sun Wolf for leaving me deep 6, I remembered so many things about my terrible way of playing XD. I love that map, I do not care if everyone else does not like it, because in rotation everyone should know how to play all the maps. Come on it was fun guys, especially taking raids on a map so difficult for survival

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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I'm so good at golf I could dunk on messi.

- Posted by BonerPatrol

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"Cig and coffee break?" he really say that? ahahahah. He become major coz he think is more respectable rank but he really don't understand that it is he who will never be respected for all the times he has cheated!
People play the game coz enjoy property time with all other players but he doesn't understand that point, he is only a noob player.

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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idolize -- BLUNTZ,
SW doesn't decide about map all automatic and I vote Deep Six <3

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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Get off that dusty tank and reveal yourself when you wish to speak to a legend of the game.

- Posted by CHEckmATe

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idolize -- BLUNTZ,
Agreed, why don't we only use the popular maps.
If no one is playing the terrible maps, why have them at all?

- Posted by Hitmann2002

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ALOHA SNACKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Posted by muhammadTHEpedophile


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@USA NEEDS REFORM , uhh sure bud whenever you need me online for that you just make a note in your diary and a mark on your calendar....

- Posted by CHEckmATe