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Ching Chong Chen
My dream is that some day someone will crack your ceiling so you'll just shutup already with your emo drama.
You literally are the definition of everything other generations despise about millennials.
What sort of emotional trauma have you gone through in life that makes you need attention so bad?
Call 1-800-fml-help before you do something drastic to yourself please 🥺
American & the world needs you...

- Posted by Ultra Magnus

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Chen, the 30 year old asian born american struggles in a country who hates his existence. Tries to fit in but is rejected at every level. Acknowledges the inferiority of asians but for some reason advocated for WM/AF relationships.. Cuck? Sad to see a self loathing asian stoop to this level

- Posted by sad life

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The single WORST thing to ever happen to this community is the existence of the socalled persona “James Chen”. Dude mocks me for being anonymous, but does he actually think the ppl of this community believe hes really called “James Chen” or is even Asian? He claims to bring activity but in reality, he repels even the most decent and respectable members of the community as evidenced by the recent post by Mimic…..

- Posted by toad

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…. The admins of Discord did the right thing by permabanning this filth, compelling him to spit his misery on the bb instead. Unfortunately, Sunwolf isn’t that brave. Or perhaps SW will not take action because he wholeheartedly believes in this bigotry and supports it. That would explain why he removed my poem simply for using a harmless word for defecation, while choosing to keep chen’s posts talking about genocide, organ harvesting and the glorification of extremism.

- Posted by toad

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.... Lastly, I played with chen a few weeks back and frankly speaking, as also evidenced by Mimic, the guy just isn’t good. So not only does he not bring any positive thing to the community, he sucks at the game too lol. Honestly can it get any sadder? Croak

- Posted by toad

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MimiC I have a lot of respect for you as a player as well. After hours of us pphing and giving you props on the BB, the least you can do is say "HELLO" or "BYE" and communicate on the field.

You don't have to like me, but after many hours, you can still give that basic level of courtesy. Since you didn't, I decided to mess with you a bit. Won't do it again. We are all trying to have fun here, shouldn't take my trash talking too seriously and just enjoy the game.

See on the field

- Posted by Chen PPH MonitorTanK