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Wow you really made my day man... From a 33 year old who is so bored on a military TDY that he has reverted to playing a game he used to play on when it was named battlefield and found via a different website.. Glad you appreciate that I gave up a rank. I still can't take a raid, never have been able to... There sure is a skill in that! Just have fun man - no reason to get all upset because people want to get to the goal of General. Let it be, as a great band used to say.

- Posted by Michigan

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👍I support you Michigan 👍
👍 get that triple buddy!👍
That toofelhoodle guy always be trying to stir up some drama..😄

- Posted by Trypticon

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Hey what's up every1, I just found this site last month.... i useto play Battlefield when it was in Bonus. I was like 13 years old back then.... I'm 33 now :D ... maybee like a bit over 20 years of not playin... but anywayzs,,, I'm here to have fun, Gotta survive , it's hard out here for a pimp LOL I've been a bit rusty and all but , the rush of all of this goes way back... Respects to all. -Lil B

- Posted by Lil B

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You are missed friend!
Sucks that you left but maybe you look at the BB and maybe even play unknown tanks :) but you got a friend in me for sure !
Hope to see you in soon :D

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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Where you at Brother!
Come back for the Hoodie Giveaway!
I'm doing a drawing for Hoodies in December! Don't miss out.
You can even just message me directly to get in the drawing.
ArchangeL RamieL

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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You're going to complain about people taking raids and then turn around and give free kills... Bob Fett 1148 on 11/15... lame my man... lame.

- Posted by Michigan