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Uyghur Killer ,
Thanks, and I honestly don't routinely track that. I try to resist the urge to press C and see my points, because I start to run out of patience if I do that too often. But I'd estimate anywhere between 140-150k to be a good amount per hour. It also depends widely on map conditions, who I'm playing with, and my own mood tbh.

- Posted by SOLITUDE

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Ramy doesn't take raids and couldn't handle the heat in discord that's why he left.

- Posted by Myth

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I've been general for 10+ hours and take raids all the time. Maybe some of us don't suck and die in 5v1's like the rest of you peasants do...

- Posted by Myth

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1 ArchangeL UrieL Agreed. People insulting you is unacceptable as you only work to promote the game and work to treat people well.

Generally speaking rivalries and controversy are exciting and a big part of gamer culture. Trolling, edgy jokes, etc fall into this. It has to be directed appropriately.

Diplomatic people like SOLITUDE members of AOW and most of Oranges should not be targets of "trolling". My targets are the degenerates, non-players or those who dish it.

- Posted by JamesChen

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2 Most members I had controversy with have either thought it was funny or we established some mutual respect through it and through playing the game well. Grim Reaper, Itscake, CKPA, mamaxiang are great examples of this.

GeneralSick response proves my points. They want all the benefit of using the legacy of Tankpit while NEGATIVELY IMPACTING the game to build their discord.

My 10/12/21 posts outline reasons why the discord is a negative force to the game

- Posted by JamesChen

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3 Building another discord doesn't solve the fact u r using Tankpit for self benefit while discouraging players from playing.

You are so attached your power that you refuse to give the power to to the players who love the game.

So, I propose you:

1. Rename the discord to make it devoid of any mention to Tankpit. Call it "Matt and TJ's Social House"
2. Get it removed from the Tankpit website
3. Invite a bunch of redditors and losers to give TJ company for his idiotic rants

- Posted by JamesChen

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4. You have 0 skin in this game, but we do. So stop being a parasite and let us actual players maintain the 20+ year legacy of the game.
Inb4 Adam acts like he is any better.
CKPA2020 thanks pal

- Posted by JamesChen

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ArchangeL UrieL ,
Preach on !!! Iv been trying to say that for years i hope you get them to understand better then i could.
I absoluty got NO Where lol. It may have been the way i went about it but still GL l;D !!

- Posted by KORBIN

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ArchangeL UrieL ,
Rock on preach that sh1t, maybe they will listen an chill on the drama for the new players, iv been trying for years GL, an to the New players don't give in keep pushing lets bring the Fun back to the game ! See yall on the field The one an Only -Frinzee-

- Posted by KORBIN

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ArchangeL UrieL ,
three account to make a point l;D keep telling it like it is this Sh1t needs to be said, an to all you New players if you manage to stick ill be on the field to blast with ye GL HF an play the way YOU like to play , Dont listen to the haters !! The one an Only -Frinzee-

- Posted by Frinzee

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yeah Im sure spamming the N-word until the whole discord viewport is the N-Word really helps the community. You're doing great work chen.
Keep at it.

- Posted by GeneralSick

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itscake ,
I agree with the main message of your post. However, I disagree with the part about Minion. I have had many 1v1v1 sessions with him and seen him take raids as well. There just hasn't been a lot of activity or raids going on recently, which may be why you feel that way.

- Posted by SOLITUDE