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Sunnys nephew Sunnys Nephew Sunnys Nephew what about Sunny's niece?

- Posted by the rock

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supernova sage
I appreciate the feedback.
I know how to play.

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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Cupless braindead Gensick and Alcoholic Adam have been a massive failure to the TP community

TPHQ is cesspool for low brow/IQ political discourse and sports talk. It is a shadow of what it's intended purpose was and this is due to the massive failures of the leaderships arbitrary ways

To make this game great again, we need leaders who will put the actual PLAYERS and GAME FIRST.

As your future TPHQ admin, I will make sure to clean up this MESS in TPHQ and double the TP activity

- Posted by Uyghur Killer

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Myth ,
Using unsuccessful maps from battlefield isn't the best way to promote activity. Nobody wants to teleport every 5 seconds scrambling for fuel or having bob full screen ferry move... let's be real.
There's a reason those 'wet' maps were successful. Keep them active.

- Posted by MimiC

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Can someone tell me why Gensick checks the TP discord and BB every minute of the day for a game he doesn't like and above that is bad at?
This seriously baffles me and many others who have brought this concern up in private.

- Posted by JamesChen

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I sense in the air, a feeling so good:
A wretched disgrace just got banned from the hood
Let's all give a cheer, both foe and fren,
For Chenny Chen Chen just got sh@t on again!
Long live General Sick! Croak croak croak!

- Posted by toad

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Chen for TPHQ Admin 2021!!!!

- Posted by Chen4TPHQadmin2021


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zela27 ,
Congrats zela, also been around on and off over the years since bonus. First cup for me too. Lets go for #2!

- Posted by itscake