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What about dodging raids using the excuse that you're going out for a "cig and coffee break".... that's a close second worst, right?


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What's a new low is this low level pph-er who stays sarge til shiny, cause he wants to be no1 so bad cuz hes a lame. Better off staying a secert cuz those tactics are extra lame and not respectable, you get no respect. You really can't talk about anyone.

- Posted by the sandman

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I was excited for all the new maps...but this Deep Six is GARBAGE. I assume I am not alone in this opinion as the map has been empty during the day instead of the 4-6 regular daily players.

- Posted by BendTheKnee

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Thanks Sw for a bad map, exactly why game is dead! bluntz for map rotation moderator

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ


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Jake you color flippin noob

- Posted by color flip bluntz

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Jake developed a taste for dingleberries jail

- Posted by jakeFlipSidesinJail


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A team player shifting the subject away from the actual issue? Never change, tp players.

- Posted by Kermit Sips Tea