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Back after many years. My brother and I use rock Castles/CM back in the day for those who might remember us as Micool9/Longlegs
I know someone flagged me last night about remembering who we were. Just wanted to say whats up.

- Posted by micool9

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Feeling like Donald Trump.

It has come to my attention that people are slandering my name when I am unable to defend myself. Especially those like itscake who behaves as some callous Edge Lord insulting well respected members like Drederick Tatum and Jack, and even calling actual black folks the N word, laughing at dead American troops with no reason at all.

This same little man had a MENTAL BREAKDOWN when I insulted Pfizer's experimental vaccine that gave matt a seizure

- Posted by JamesChen

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Don't throw stones if you life in a glass house drug addict canuck.

A brainlet like you would just make stupid edgy jokes towards dead US troops with no purpose or punchline. Don't make me report you for hate speech violations.

Enjoy your life long bi-annual booster shots, and long term health effects while still wearing masks you lab rat.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Kenneth Allen ,
I must have missed it. We have had this planned for a few months, figured I would announce it since the Magnificent team did (big and clearly). Purple seemed the obvious color as there's been a long going blue team on and off, and has been multiple red teams in recent years. Either way, we'll make a choice on a new color. Also, which purple creatures team were you "literally" on?

- Posted by Creatures of Legend

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I'm back! Are there any other SnakeS out there left? I see purple has a team coming up for 2022. Are we going to take over the orange scene? Lets do this!

- Posted by -Inland taipaN-