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Emotional and pathetic Ultra Magnus . I have receipts to back up what I say bud. And everyone has heard you freak out on voice chat.

Maybe you should take your own advice about taking it to DMs, but you only want that when you get owned badly. You should care more about raising your family instead of playing a game you will eternally be bad at

- Signed, James Chen. Cupping and PPH champion.

Ps. Stay salty, stay with a broken ceiling, stay begging bluntz for door dash

- Posted by JamesChen

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BlueGhost Minion nice playing with you today!

- Posted by JamesChen

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I don't know what your obsession with trying to get me ranked all the time. I honestly wish you would just piss off and stop with your crap on the field.
You're a good player, but my god I can see why you're so hated around here. You're one of the only players I intentionally disable chat for. Get to last shade and get spammed 'who's your daddy'. It's crap like that that drives players away.
I'm just putting my 2 cents out there... I'm not going to go back and forth with you.

- Posted by MimiC

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I would like to thank itscake solar salt for their campaigns to help us keep people safe and get vaccinated with the highly effective Pfizer vaccine.

Remember, the antibodies significantly drop after 6 months so we will, unfortunately, we will get paid again when you have to get your booster shots. Also ignore the break through cases and the mask mandates in the most vaccinated areas in the world. Trust the science, but only the science we present you

- Posted by Pfizer Marketing Div


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It is time for Adam to ban GeneralSick permanently from TPHQ. He has gotten away for many offenses and We, the people of Tankpit will not stand for it.

He made Toad, a guy nobody knows or likes a mod
He made set Ramiel up to make him have a breakdown and quit
He censored words like greaseball at the behest of the most hated OHW
He never banned Coffee or OHW after trying to get people fired from their work
He is a power trippin loser who banned James Chen for exposing him

- Posted by AdamPrecise

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Above all
He lets OHW spam gifs over and over while TJ spams news
He got knocked out by some black guys with a lock (and bragged about it) and still worships them like your typical American

He is not only unable to cup, he is unable to even rank past a corporal. He's WORSE than I was when I first played this game as a 1st grader lmao

Stop being proud of having a 600 people in your chat when 20 of them are "bluntz" and "blazin" accounts or completely inactive accounts

- Posted by AdamPrecise