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You race traitor. You should not speak to another Chinese brother like that again. You are to apologize immediately or be ousted by the Chinese community.
You are defending a player who consistently runs any time more than 1 player attack him and get deactivated when he is *RAIDING* someone on a 4v1 orange vs blue.
Nothing to prove to someone who dies all the time badly.

- Posted by JamesChen

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@ CKPA2020
Thx buddy. I'm trying to catch up a bit. 7 months offline and I'm far behind everyone now, lol.
Welcome back to the game buddy. Don't you worry, your skills will hit you back at one point or another. As far as I can see you are already pretty good. You just need to improve a few points here and there. (And so do I)

- Posted by Flop

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Wow! What a great day on the field. Got my Shiny Sword and top ten for the first time! Couldn't have done it without my blue teammates. WTG!

- Posted by Special

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To all the fools who thought I was One Hit's alt tank LOL. Who the hell thinks One Hit has anywhere the talent to win a cup without cheating, especially when using his name which has "I AM A SUGAR DADDY IDIOT" written across the forehead.

I can win you a cup, One Hit, all you need to do is get on your knees like you did for Noodle and give me some sloppy. Don't forget to swallow you pile of sicilian garbage.


- Posted by 1Hits Raid Take Tank

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This just in: James Chen plays like a true blue
Boba FaRt: then don't show potential then ruin it by playin like a blue 😅 also quit trying to mine the fuel and trying to trap me 1v1 its silly.

- Posted by EPIC 7

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Hi Voltaic,Just reaching out again in case you needed some help. Mental health and aggression problems are common place in today's society and I will be happy to be your support in helping you overcoming these problems.

You have some real talent in the game, it's sad to see it go to waste in fighting bots. Hope God comes into your life and helps you sort it out.

Don't be scared to seek help! Real men talk about their problems! I believe in you!

- Posted by VoltIsNiceNMyFriend


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Yes mama, one hit runs from everyone but dares criticize others who who do the same, and much better than him. He is a major loser and hypocrite liar through and through

- Posted by JamesChen

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i dunno who the fuc whislteblower or whatever the fuc your name is but u deff belong under the scrub section so thats where ima put this under but dont say sh11t u dont know u dumfuc noob so sit down and be quite

- Posted by One hit wonder


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Cup winner here. Just wondering if I can offer my services to One Hit Wonder in winning a cup. A fair trade will be the reception of a fell-atio from the man. His grease will be nice and add lubrication.

Be careful with the doritos powder getting all over my d*** if you decide to do a mouth and hand combination which is what any good c***svcker knows to do which I assume you are.



- Posted by Trillest

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Hahahaha what a loser.

- Posted by One Turd Wonder