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Welcome back dude, Right now its still summer activity picks back up when everyone home bound sitting next to fireplace and tankpitting.

- Posted by GeneralSick

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Sorry JOKER...pretty hard to mistake when i enter the game. you are the only one on the field and you say 'Be Right Back'. Then 5 seconds later enter a purple recruit "4thArmorisahomo"(or something like that) and it starts screaming out "My Dog Plays Better Than You"......I was the only one in the game to receive the message!?!?
I assume he just got done laying his mines all around you being the pest he is? Quit and then I entered?

- Posted by BendTheKnee

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So i finally passed Monero at ~135 hours. Wow. Can anyone give me the quick summary as i didn't play in '18? Who is/was he? How exactly did he do it? Legit? Or did he have a 'general' companion that just let him unload on him for 100 hours? I know I have killed my share of bots to pass the time when the field is empty but i think my pph is above average.......
any info on how he accomplished this insanity to appease my curiosity is much appreciated. Thanks! BTN

- Posted by BendTheKnee


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Clouddoosh cheat got fk in foundry torment. bossitall needs to strip cup & shiny sword