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ROFL, #1 weekly, monthly, and yearly expect for overall..... you think you can stop him? 🤣. How long have you chumps been playing? He strolled passed Homer in 11 months.... HE WILL NOT BE DENIED! FACTZ 🖕

- Posted by VoltaicISmyFriend


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Voltaic how does it feel to never be #1 overall?

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Thought chen quit and disappeared

- Posted by Trypticon

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Michigan if you are going to partake in giving a raid,
stay and take one your dang self.. you just gave yourself a very bad name. way to go newb

- Posted by Teufelhunden


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Skeleton Key,
Guess it is still going on eh? I remember way back when the last minute was absolute chaos with people getting killed/fk's... I also see the new rule where one can not "q" while being pursued- That's a good input! Not a big fan of the current maps; possibly just take time to get used to... I enjoyed A-land, Rocks and Swamps, and Desert. Recall a few names but see the keyboard fights are still going on. Is that bfx-5 still around? People still hacking this game?

- Posted by Michigan