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for all you NEW players IMO dont give two turds about your hours by the time you climb the board it wont matter, Unless you just want to be a PPH tank then an ONLY then does idle time matter GL HF play the way YOU like to play dont listen to these other Gangstas they think they are all G's.

- Posted by Frinzee

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1 To all my friends and compatriots, I have left discord because of the effeminate members of the community and nobody supports making impactful changes.

The community is very unique and genuine but for many members, there is way too much focus on community than playing.

Conversation with both admins made it clear that they just want control over the chat and r proud of having a large discord itself as an ends in itself instead of having the ends optimized for promoting Tankpit.

- Posted by JamesChen

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2 My conversations with the admins have gone like this, admins in quotes:

"oh we have a massive amount of members, we can't change" - Many who insult the game and don't play or don't even chat.

"This chat isn't officially tied into the game so we don't need to change anything" - cop out as you are using the game likeness and a link on the website to build a userbase

"Had to ban X for Y because Z left" - When "Z" doesn't even play but "X" does and you don't ban anyone else for "Y"

- Posted by JamesChen

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3 Don't forget, admins were happy to let Ramiel quit, who actively worked to promote the game, but panicked when guys like Matt and Sym left because "they were active in chat". NOT THE GAME.

My behaviors were justified because the chat itself did not deserve respect. Nobody can go in there and say it's a serious community when you have schizo TJ copy and pasting the same covid and weed studies to himself over and over and over and over. And 95% of the chat are from members who don't play.

- Posted by JamesChen

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4 Respect was given for those who played, were loyal, and open to learn. Made sure to remain loyal to those who were good 2 me and open minded.

That being said, I still had peers who I would always congratulate for cupping, and in return would accuse me of foul play /cheating when I cupped. Cupping was, until recently, infrequent for me which makes this even worse. Sunny and Noodle are 2 of many.

When I lose, I look 2 improve & feedback. Not have a fit and insult those who are good to me

- Posted by JamesChen

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5. Hopefully more players leave TPHQ for Coffee's Tankpit V.2 server which had an environment more conducive for the game.

This is my final statement about discord and the players. Will go on focus on the game. Just wanted to make sure that I cleared this up once and for all as this game and resulting community matters to me. Otherwise I wouldn't put in over 550+ hours into it :). Hopefully CKPA isn't too exhausted :P

- Posted by JamesChen


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SOLITUDE Great guide for PPH on 10/12/21. Those are great base level guidelines, I believe anything extra to that goes into a player's style of play in which we have to be keen to adapt mutually. Personally I like to communicate.

If we are pphing and I say "That was whack!" it typically indicates that something inefficient was done such as too much movement, moving out of the scope, or getting fuel way too early. It isn't an insult, but to communicate.

- Posted by Uyghur Killer

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What pph range range would you say are good for a Major, Colonel, and General? What do you typically get?

- Posted by Uyghur Killer


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Tournament Tip: If you aren't on the top 3 pph maybe it's a good idea to raid or go after a weak link instead of pphing til the end like an imbecile.

- Posted by Vax Mandate Job Loss