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Never gonna make another pass again. Sell your tank and take that big fat L..
Did you think we were gonna just let you waltz into the #1 spot unfettered?
....Nice Try

- Posted by Trypticon

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ur rite dudes. he was me favorite player and i made this tank in his honor, that's why i'm red not blue.
I once saw him survive a 10v1 in appaloosa land! legend!

- Posted by whoshotme


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CKPA2020 and your dodging raids fake azz battle honor medal. My tank WILL ALWAYS be my tank and #1 FACTZ come talk to me when u hit legit top 25. Pretty sure i MAXED my tank all by myself dont cry scrub. And keep quitting in raids like u do best.

- Posted by Smokescreen

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unforeve dont ever say my name poosy u aint sh1t noob

- Posted by One hit wonder

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ROFL, wishful thinking noob. Even meth wont save you from getting passed. Voltaic WILL NOT BE DENIED #1

- Posted by VoltaicISmyFriend


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Michigan ,
If you think nobody is handing out those kills, you haven't met Pavan yet... lol

- Posted by Skeleton Key